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Social Bowls

Our undercover outdoor entertainment area is ideal for groups. A game of bowls between teams, either organized or just a roll up, can add a sense of fun to an afternoon of cooking your own barbeque or being catered to by the restaurant.

Corporate teams or workplace groups often find that a game of bowls leads to the breaking of barriers and is a great form of team bonding.

We can cater for most requests, just ask.

Social Bowls Rules
Members on Green at Lowlands Bowling Club

Social Bowls Rules

In the interests of enjoyment, safety and the protection of our valuable greens, members and visitors are asked to observe the following at all times:

  • All players to pay bar staff green fees or join as social members.
  • No drinking or carrying glasses over the green.
  • No smoking over the green.
  • No running on the green or surrounds.
  • No sitting on the banks or placing feet in the ditches of the green.
  • Flat soled shoes or bare feet (with/without socks) only on the green. Footwear must be worn inside the club at all times.
  • No Children under 12 are permitted on the Green.
  • No fast “driving” of bowls. (There is danger of personal injury or equipment damage).
  • Offensive/boisterous behaviour or bad language will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to leave the Club immediately.
  • Lights will be turned off at 9pm.
  • Bowls in matched sets of four and matts to be returned to locker after play. Jacks to be returned to the Bar.
  • When leaving the Club, please do so in a quiet and orderly manner to avoid disturbing our neighbours.

Failure to observe these rules may result in you being asked to cease playing bowls and/or to leave the Club’s premises.

If you need advice with playing or wish to enquire about membership, please contact us or ask the bar staff.

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